Betting on Tennis with Fairplay India

Tennis is the most popular individual sport in the world, with a huge fan audience estimated at around 1.2 billion in 2024. Online betting tennis is no less popular, as it allows you to earn real money while watching your favorite sport.

Fairplay official provides users with a large selection of current matches and the most famous events in tennis, on which you can bet at great odds while also taking advantage of special bonuses that will help you multiply your winnings! In addition to the website and Fairplay app apk through which you can bet online from your mobile device.

Fairplay has a wide line on tennis betting.

How to Bet on Tennis at Fairplay?

In order to start betting on tennis online and earning extra money from it, you only need 5 minutes of your time, which you will use to create a personal account at Fairplay.  

To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

  1. Register at Fairplay. Go to the official Fairplay website, in the upper right corner click on “Join now”, enter the data the site asks for, confirm that you are 18 years old, and click “Sign Up.”
  2. Login at Fairplay. After completing the previous step, you need to go through the authorization process so the website recognizes you as an existing client. Click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner and log into your profile by entering your name and password.
  3. Make an initial deposit. To be able to bet and play for real money, the balance of your account must be positive. To do this, make an initial deposit; you can enter the minimum amount required by the site, or enter a bigger amount that suits you.
  4. Choose the Tennis Betting Section. Click on the “Tennis” section which is displayed on the top of the scoreboard.  You’ll see a list of current matches, both live and upcoming. In the column on the left, you will find more events that you can bet on. Choose your favorite match. 
  5. Place a bet. Among all betting markets and options choose that suits you, place a bet, determine the bet’s amount, and confirm it. 
  6. Withdraw the winning money.
To start betting on tennis you should register on Fairplay and top up your account.

Fairplay Bonuses at the Tennis Betting

FairPlay offers a generous 300% welcome bonus for tennis betting on first and second deposits to all Indian users.

All you have to do is make a minimum deposit of 500INR. You will receive a 300% bonus if you deposit between 500INR and 5,000INR. If you deposit between 5,001INR and 10,000INR, you will receive a 200% bonus, and between 10,000INR and 1,000,000INR, you will receive a 100% bonus.

It is important to note that in order to activate the bonus, you must wager 30 times the bonus amount. Furthermore, the maximum bonus available on your first deposit is 50,000INR.

More information about the bonus can be found in the “Promotions” section of our website.

Fairplay offers a 300% welcome bonus which you can spend on tennis betting.

Bet Online on Tennis at Fairplay Website

Tennis matches are held continuously around the world throughout the year, which is why this sport has become popular among bettors. The main tennis tournament, of course, is the Grand Slam, which includes the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the United States Open, all of which have massive prize pools.

Although tournaments take place all year, the majority take place in the summer. Throughout the tennis season, there are numerous matches and tournaments, each with a new player to cheer for and wager on.

From the beginning of the match to the very end, during each tournament, FairPlay provides you with the best statistics, odds, and betting options for tennis online.With FairPlay, you can get the best odds on events like the ATP, WTA, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, and many more.

Another significant advantage of Fairplay is that you can bet not only before the game, but also during it, with a wide range of betting markets to choose from. Pre-match and live bets can be placed both on the website and via the mobile app, which is accessible from anywhere in the world.

You can find a lot of popular tennis leagues and championship on the Fairplay website.

Tennis Betting Odds

There can only be one thing better than a large number of tennis betting options: high betting odds. That is exactly what you will find at Fairplay.

We are constantly striving to provide our customers with the best online betting experience possible.

We offer the most competitive tennis odds as well as live tennis odds all year thanks to our expert traders who constantly monitor the odds.

We have the best betting odds available for Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open, and many other events. It is entirely up to you whether you want to see the odds in fractional, decimal, or American format. When combined with the best online betting odds, you can determine which player is more likely to win and develop your own winning strategy based on that.

Fairplay gives pretty high betting odds on the tennis events.

How to Read The Betting Odds?

Reading the odds is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. To do so, it is important to distinguish between them and to understand what odds are in front of you and what you have to deal with. Thanks to the odds, you can calculate the potential profit you can get from your bet if you win. So, there are three main types of odds: decimal, fractional and American. 

  • Decimal odds, or as they are also called European odds, are presented as a decimal number. To calculate the winnings with such odds, you need to multiply the bet by the odds themselves. For example, if the bet is 800INR and the odds are 2.8, the winnings will be 2.240INR. The profit you made at odds of 2.8 was 1.440INR.
  • The fractional odds, or also known as the British odds, is presented as a fraction and shows how much you need to bet to get a certain profit. For example, a ratio of 8/4 shows that if you bet 400INR you would make a profit of 800INR, and your winnings would be equal to the sum of your bet and profit, i.e. 1,200INR. 
  • The American odds are represented as positive (+) and negative (-) values. If you see a +240 coefficient, then if you bet 100INR you will get a profit of 240INR and a total winnings of 340INR. If you see a -240 odds in front of you, you need to bet 240INR to make a profit of 100INR. In this case, the total payout will be 340INR.
There are different types of odds such as fractional, american or decimal.

What are the Most Popular Options To Bet On Tennis at Fairplay?

There are many different options to bet on tennis, such as total, match winner, handicap and many more. They will be discussed in more detail below. 

Total: An Over/Under wager on the sum of any statistical indicators: games, sets, set-balls, and so on. It can be applied to a single set or a match, and it can take into account the results of both players or just one.

Winner of the Match: The simplest bet involves betting on the win of your chosen player. The payout is usually lower for the favorite player and vice versa.

Handicap: To place this bet, you must guess how many games one tennis player will win over the other. Handicap can be with a plus or minus value.  Outsiders get a plus hand, while favorites get a minus hand.

Score Betting: In score betting, you need to predict the final score of a particular match. Bets on the score are considered to be quite simple because there are not many possible outcomes. 

Set Betting: A set is the largest unit of score in a match. In set betting, you have to predict the final score of the set. 

Tie Break: The first player to six games wins the set, but the player must lead by at least two games in each match. If the score is even, it is called a break; if the score is 7-5, the set is played; if the score is 6-6, the game continues.

These are the most popular betting options on tennis on the Fairplay site and in the app.

FairPlay Tennis Betting Tips

If you want to improve your chances of winning, you can use our betting tips, which are suitable for both novice and experienced bettors.

  • Examine the sport. If you want to bet on tennis, you should first learn about the sport, its rules, and even the terminology. All of this will help you bet with more confidence.
  • Examine the players. If you’re going to bet on a specific player, look into his previous matches, current form, and statistics. For example, if a tennis player is higher in the rankings but in poor form, such bets are almost never profitable and may even be unprofitable in the long run. As a result, in this case, betting on an outsider who is in shape is preferable to betting on a favorite who is out of shape.
  • Learn more about the tournament on which you intend to wager. Because there are numerous tournaments, such as the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, USA Open, and others, it is important to understand the specifics for each one.
  • Keep an eye out for expert predictions. Many experts and sports analysts make predictions before the match and select the player they believe has the best chance of winning. It is best to listen to the experts’ advice because it is based on a thorough examination of various factors.
  • Face-to-face confrontations. Every sport has a concept of “convenient” and “uncomfortable” opponents. Awkwardness can occur in the playing style, serving style, forehand (left-handed, right-handed), and it is not uncommon for a top level player to struggle in a match with a representative from the second hundred.
  • Coverage. The surface on which the match will be played is an important factor that can influence the outcome. Surfaces are classified into four types: hard, dirt, grass, and carpet. Carpet is the only one that is not used in Grand Slam tournaments. Each surface has its own quirks, such as how the ball bounces. On the ground, the bounce is high and slow, which makes the game longer. The advantage on the ground has more technical and psychologically balanced players. On grass, serving is crucial. Players with a strong serve have an advantage. A hard court is something that exists between the ground and grass.
  • Manage your money. Begin with low stakes and gradually increase them as you advance and win. Keep an eye on your spending and proceed with caution to fully enjoy the game and the process of betting on tennis.

We hope that these suggestions will assist you in making an informed decision. Remember that any sport is unpredictable, which is what makes betting so thrilling.

Use our tips to win more from the tennis betting on Fairplay.


How is tennis predicted?

To make a prediction on the outcome of tennis match, as well as other sports, many additional factors that directly or indirectly affect the course of the game must be considered. Court coverage, athlete ratings, previous matches of players, and other factors are examples of such factors. Experts study all available resources and the smallest details to make a more accurate prediction.

How can I locate the sportsbook with the greatest tennis odds?

You’ve already found one of the best sportsbooks – it’s Fairplay. Tennis betting is available at many bookmakers, but not all of them pay as much attention to it as Fairplay. As previously stated, we have the best and most competitive odds that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

Can I rely on the Fairplay website’s dependability?

Of course, you can rely on Fairplay. Our bookmaker has been operating for several years and our user base around the world is only growing. We are a licensed bookmaker that complies with all accepted norms and international regulations.