Fairplay India Privacy Policy

Fairplay India Privacy Policy has been developed to inform users about the purposes and ways of collecting, storing, and using the personal data of the betting company’s customers. Before Fairplay registration through the website or through the Fairplay betting app, please carefully read all the rules and regulations of this document. By going through the registration procedure, you automatically agree with them.

Personal information is any personal information that identifies a user as a unique individual. For example, the first and last name, year of birth, place of residence, gender, phone number, etc. are primarily personal data. All of this information you voluntarily provide to us as soon as you create your account.

Fairplay has designed a strong privacy policy.

Main Information

By collecting users’ personal data, we are able to improve the quality of our services and the services we provide to our customers. Thanks to your personal data, we develop more effective marketing materials, offer good personalised bonuses, and provide an increased level of security for player accounts and balances.

The collection of personal data begins the first time a user visits the official site. In accordance with Fairplay India’s privacy policy, when you interact with any page of the site, you send us information about your device, operating system installed on it, location, service provider, etc. This data comes in the form of cookies.

The main purposes for the collection, storage, and use of personal data of clients are:

  • Improving the quality of services. Users’ personal information allows us to provide better services, offer advantageous bonuses and effective ways to ensure security;
  • Compliance with legislation. It is necessary to collect personal data in order to follow the legal regulations in the countries where Fairplay India betting company operates;
  • Resolving Disputes. If such situations arise, you can quickly resolve them in your favour. For example, if your account has been hacked, you can send us photos of your documents to restore access to your account.

According to Fairplay India’s privacy policy as licensed bookmaker, our company cannot disclose and transfer users’ personal information except in situations stipulated by the rules. For example, your data may be used to compile promotional materials when you receive a large payment. They can also be transferred to law enforcement authorities at official request in case a client is suspected of money laundering or other types of fraud.

You can refuse to provide personal information by sending a request to support. You can also change some information in your account settings.