Fairplay India License

Fairplay has a Curacao license to deal properly.

Limitations and Territories

The license of the Curacao Gaming Commission issued to Fairplay bookmaker and its fairplay application allows it to organize sports betting and other gambling activities including online casino Fairplay in all countries where the legal validity of the permit is approved. The only exceptions are several countries that are on the list of banned countries. These are the United States, the Netherlands, France, Curacao, and Australia. If you find that the company operates in one of these countries, you can send the appropriate application to the Gaming Commission. But before doing so, make sure that the bookmaker’s activities in these jurisdictions are not confirmed by a related license.

Fairplay has excluded areas where it can't operate.

Waiver of Brand Ownership

The regulator represented by the Curacao Gambling Commission is not a commercial organisation and cannot be held responsible for the actions and quality of services provided by the licensed company. We do not own the trademarks, the domain, and the bookmaker’s office brand itself. The company engaged in the organisation of gambling must independently monitor compliance with the rules and laws in force in each individual country.

Curacao commision isn/t responsible fot the brands presented on the site.

Print Verification System

The design of the print verification system provided by the Curaçao Commission is a set of services to verify the current working status of a licensed company. Any text, graphic content, and other types of content on this system are protected by copyright laws and are our intellectual property. Their use by third parties is permitted only after official approval.

Modifying this information and using it for commercial purposes is considered a violation of copyright laws and will subject the company to liability under applicable laws.

Any content on the site is under protection of copyright laws.