Principles of Responsible Gaming at Fairplay India

Betting on sports, like any gambling game, cannot be considered as the main or even additional source of income. Any bet involves risk, and the user can lose it. That is why such games should be perceived only as a way of entertainment. This will help protect you from the development of pernicious gambling addiction.

Learn the rules of responsible gaming at Fairplay.

Basic Terms and Rules

Bookmaker’s office Fairplay India and its Fairplay apk download are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its customers, including a number of recommendations to protect themselves against cheating. To protect accounts and funds on the balances of users, the following measures are provided:

  • Only players over the age of 18 can register at Fairplay;
  • Only one account can be created. Other accounts will be blocked;
  • The security service regularly checks the identity of users;
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible only to the cards and wallets belonging to the owner of the account.

These restrictions help keep unscrupulous users out of the game. We also remind all customers of the principles of responsible gaming. If you are a gambler and cannot control your emotions while betting or playing casino, it is better not to keep yourself away from such entertainment.

Understand how much you are susceptible to the development of gambling addiction, you can, as honestly as possible answer yourself to a number of questions:

  • Is betting on sports for you just entertainment or something more;
  • If you have been unable to bet for a long time, do you feel annoyed;
  • How often do you spend more time playing than you planned;
  • Whether you use money for betting, the loss of which could hurt you and your family;
  • Whether your gambling hobby has affected the attitudes of those closest to you.

Based on these answers, you can understand how much you are susceptible to gambling addiction. If there is a risk of addiction, it is better to give up betting and any other gambling immediately.

There are some principles of responsible gaming.

Ways to Combat Addiction

Even if the user is susceptible to gambling addiction, it is in his power to reduce its impact and minimize the risks. To do this, it is necessary to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Use only money for betting, the loss of which will not create serious problems for you and your family;
  • Play only with your own money. Do not borrow or lend money;
  • Before starting a game session, determine its maximum duration. When the allotted time expires, stop the game;
  • If you feel that you lose control, feel anger or a strong desire to get even, end the game immediately.

If you can’t cope with the problem yourself, write to our support service and get the addresses and phone numbers of specialised organisations that deal with helping addicts.

Also through the support service, you can impose restrictions on the amount of deposit for the account, or temporarily block it.

We can advice how to fight the beginning gambing addiction.